5 Step MIND RESET for Real Estate Investors

The prospect of investing internationally can be very alluring with beautiful locations, “made-to-look-easy” processes, and prices “too good to be true”. Everything you’ve done to date, every step you’ve taken has gotten you one step closer to your dreams of success investing in the global real estate market. 

You set your goals but then somewhere along the way you might have lost steam? We all do at certain points in our lives … and usually because the process gets frustrating, overwhelming or more challenging then we initially thought.  Perhaps life has pulled us in another direction.

If you feel you’ve gotten off track with your personal or career goals, it might be time for a MINDSET RESET!  Check out my 5 STEP process for getting back on track and living your best life!

  1. Don’t see everything you do in your real estate/investment career as only being for your real estate career. I think a lot of the frustration and feelings of wanting to give up come from the belief that anything we do OUTSIDE our careers, has nothing to do with our goal to be immersed in the international real estate scene.  Personally, I believe there are other things we can do which will enrich our lives and bring us that much closer to where we’re supposed to be. When we go outside our comfort zone and try something different, like I did with hot air ballooning, we find it often brings renewed energy to our lives, and it makes us more interesting as people. We become better conversationalists and generally expand our vision of the world.
  2. One of the things I love about travel is the way it opens our minds and our souls.  Travel reignites our passion.  It’s why we fall in love with so many places. The people we meet, the food we try, the adventures we have …. All make us feel alive and connected to something bigger.  It may even tell us why we would never go back there again, or try that activity again … but at least we did it and now know more of what we want. 
  3. Decide how much energy you want to put into the process, and then simply give it with no apologies or excuses. Others will feel it and be drawn to you.  What better way to live our lives than to lead by example – showing kindness, wonder and possibility?
  4. We conserve more energy in our careers and our lives if we get better at saying “no” to the wrong people faster.  We don’t need the “nay-sayers” who drag us down.  We don’t need the “tire kickers” who sap our energy. Put these people aside for now and carve out your own path moving forward.
  5. Pit stops are okay…. TIME OUT – remember those as a child? Sometimes they are necessary so we can reset our compass and find our way.   Look at what the pandemic has done for us. It’s given us the gift of time to look closer at our lives. It’s given us the opportunity to refuel and to bring even more energy to our lives including our careers. The caution here is NOT to allow a pit stop to be the end of our goals. A race car driver goes into a pit stop to get refueled and to make the car & driver even better than they were before.

This has been my mantra throughout life and why I still have so much energy and passion, even during COVID, to use my time to develop new and exciting ways to help real estate agents and investors expand their global markets.  For all of us here at Hibiscus International, it’s been months of adaptation, pit stops, creativity and resetting our compasses.  We are so proud of where this journey has brought us and we look forward to sharing our EXCITING NEWS with you in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!

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