The Hibiscus International Story


The child of an aircraft industry family, it was inevitable that Anne Brobyn would look to the skies and feel a sense of wanderlust.

That love of travel has fueled her desire to discover the world.  Early in her career, as a youth worker and educator, Anne explored cultures far beyond her suburban world and quickly discovered that her travel experiences enriched her life as well as her career. After receiving a prestigious award from the International Institute for Peace in Tourism, Anne realized that her passion was in cultural and niche tourism.

A move in the mid-80s to Bequia, a seven-square-mile tropical island in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, arriving on a boat shared with goats, lumber and rum, began the change. Anne soon discovered that with a limited infrastructure, survival on Bequia was dependent on creativity, resourcefulness and one’s neighbours – particularly when you’re a single mum with a five-year-old child. At one point, Anne told her son he would have to do without, and true to form after losing his shoes overboard while out fishing, her son did go barefoot for a month, until she could buy new shoes in nearby St. Vincent. A hardship for some, a dream for others!  Life without TV, phone or video games became the norm and creativity kicked in – if you wanted it you had to make it.  Relying on new-found friends and volunteering her services around the island immersed Anne into the culture more than she could ever have imagined. It was in Bequia that the seeds for Hibiscus Tours International Ltd. were planted and the company formally registered. The reward through all this came when her son asked before returning to Canada if they “had done without?”  They hadn’t.  In fact, they’d learned so much, not only about Caribbean culture but also about their own.  The Bequia experience became a catalyst for what lay ahead. 

After returning to Canada in 1991 to get the “best of all worlds”, Anne established Hibiscus International as a Canadian company and utilized her tourism skills to design and lead niche tours throughout the Caribbean, South Pacific, Micronesia, South America and Europe. She also used her education background to develop an accredited niche tourism training course called THE Travel School which became successful in four cities in North America. Anne is truly a pioneer ahead of her time! Each adventure has been an important part of building the dream and brand Anne calls Hibiscus International. 

and Now…

Based in North America, Hibiscus International, 35 years strong, is a full-service licensed travel agency specializing in providing amazing and authentic experiences to curious travelers.

A leader in real estate tourism, Hibiscus International provides travel services and cultural experiences, bringing buyers and sellers face-to-face on real estate cruises and land based tours – all designed and led by Anne and her team of professionals.  Her carefully curated and graciously hosted real estate cruises and tours focus not only on the properties for sale, but also on the local culture – all well-supported by her ever-growing network of suppliers throughout the world.

Anne is living the dream, traveling the seven seas, exploring all corners of the earth where fine food
and wine, fascinating cultures and stunning natural wonders abound. When she isn’t traveling you’ll find Anne sharing her Ontario wine country home and garden with good friends and family. Creating new memories and relationships with clients makes every day another adventure and Anne looks forward to YOU, becoming a part of her continuing story.  

Hibiscus International is affiliated with Nexion Canada, ULC 100-235 North Centre Rd., London, ON, N5X 4E7. HQ Phone 519-660-6966 TICO Reg#1549342