Benefits of Moving to Tamarindo, Costa Rica With Kids

Hear what Rebecca Clower, Blue Water Properties in Costa Rica has to say – from experience! All the pieces for your move to Tamarindo are falling into place! You can nearly taste the salty air on your tongue. But there may be one lingering question on your mind… “How will the transition be for my kids?” Luckily, the benefits of moving abroad with children far outweigh the “downsides.” And once you’re all embracing the “Pura Vida” lifestyle, you will realize there were no downsides at all!

1. More Time Outside. Less Time On Screens

While quick internet speeds and available electronics still make gaming possible, the recreational focus for most children here involves being active and getting outdoors. This can be a complete change from your child’s former tech centered lifestyle. Why stare at pixels when you can kayak in the Estuary? Why sit all day when you can grab a surfboard and ride the waves? Luckily, this engaging lifestyle will do wonders for their physical and mental health!

2. Improved Social Awareness

Moving to a different country can bring your children a whole new understanding of the world. They will see differences in qualities of life, as well as problems faced by other nationalities. This exposure is excellent for increasing awareness and developing empathy. Your children will also learn to live with less. For example, shopping at the local farmer’s markets can teach them about eating with the seasons. Or meeting a child from a less fortunate family can teach them the importance of gratitude, as well as sharing or giving.

3. Acceptance and Integration

Being around all sorts of different people, languages, foods, and experiences is great for boosting your child’s confidence, adaptability, and communication skills! They will learn to interact with different people and adjust to new environments with ease Not to mention the unbeatable lifelong benefits of becoming bilingual. Something that is sure to happen when your kids are playing futbol with their closest neighborhood friends!

4. Interest In Conservation

Tamarindo is home to an incredible nature sanctuary. There are mangroves, birds, crocodiles, monkeys, whales…and that’s just the beginning! Living side by side within nature’s embrace will show your children the importance of preserving Mother Earth’s gifts. One way to increase their environmental awareness will be taking them to watch the endangered Leatherback turtles nesting in Las Baulas Marine Park. Catch this amazing experience anytime during the months of October to March.

5. Education

Wondering about education? Research shows 81% of TCK’s (third culture kids – a name developed for children living in expatriate families) go on to earn a bachelor’s degree. Compare this to the 21% of American kids who seek higher education.

Sprinkle on the other benefits of living abroad such as increased family bond and ability to problem solve..and you have yourself the perfect pro list for moving to Tamarindo with your children! This transition is one of the most empowering moves you can make for your family. Enabling yourself and them to lead more well rounded, adjusted, and fulfilling lives.

If you have any questions about education in Costa Rica or moving here with children, feel free to contact us at any time. We’d be happy to share our expertise and help you find the best options for your family.

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