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Journey of the Senses: Part 3 – Sight

If you ask most people what type of learner they are they would likely answer visual.  That means they prefer looking at things to absorb the information rather than listening (auditory) to it or using their hands (kinesthetic).  I am definitely a visual learner and use visual sight memory when I recall my fondest travel memories.  Here are a few of my personal visual travel memories that bring back vivid imagery through sight. Written by guest contributor: Gene Jochen

Journey of the Senses: Part 1 – Sound

Travel stirs the senses and makes us feel alive. For some, it can be intoxicating, inducing a heightened sense of euphoria which is often missing in our everyday lives.  We thought it would be fun to go back in time, remembering those joyous travel moments which have stayed indelibly etched in our memories. Perhaps you will take your own journey down memory lane as you read our 5 part series.

Location! Location! Location!

Hibiscus International is an award winning full service travel company with over 35 years travel experience, living, breathing, eating and falling in love with diverse cultures. Our expansion 16 years ago into Real Estate Travel has been an exciting journey with Real Estate Agents and Investors from across North America. Now it’s time to grow again.

One of the pillars of real estate is Location! Location! Location!  So with modern technology and a creative spirit, we are launching our NEW series of VIRTUAL Interactive Real Estate Tours coming LIVE starting September 30th as we travel with you to the AMALFI COAST of Italy!

The Creative Traveler

No matter what the circumstances, if you were born to travel, nothing will keep you tied to your home for very long.  Seriously, how much gardening and baking can one do!  Gene Jochen, our COO here at Hibiscus International has some great suggestions for creating memorable experiences outside your neighborhood this Fall.

5 Step MIND RESET for Real Estate Investors

The prospect of investing internationally can be very alluring with beautiful locations, “made-to-look-easy” processes, and prices “too good to be true”. Everything you’ve done to date, every step you’ve taken has gotten you one step closer to your dreams of success investing in the global real estate market. 

You set your goals but then somewhere along the way you might have lost steam? We all do at certain points in our lives … and usually because the process gets frustrating, overwhelming or more challenging then we initially thought.  Perhaps life has pulled us in another direction.

If you feel you’ve gotten off track with your personal or career goals, it might be time for a MINDSET RESET!  Check out my 5 STEP process for getting back on track and living your best life!

Ste. Anne’s Spa – Best Ever Granola

The one thing we love about travel is the way it appeals to our senses.   Think about a place that you fell in love with?  I’m guessing you can probably still remember the smells, the sounds, the sights, the feeling it evoked and of course the culinary delights. 

During this time of restricted travel, it’s easy to forget about the places in our own region which have given us that ahhhhh feeling, where we felt whole and healthy.  One such place for me is Ste. Anne’s Spa here in Ontario where I’ve been a frequent visitor for over 25 years. 

When my colleague and fellow Travel Columnist, Chris Ryall said he had visited Ste Anne’s Spa last month, I couldn’t help but share his update and a recipe from the spa that I have been preparing for years – the best ever … Granola.  

I’ll Never Forget the Day . .

… I met Diane (pronounced Dee Anne) McTurk, the legendary Guyanese conservationist who was instrumental in changing the course of my life forever. Travelling has afforded me so many opportunities to grow as a human being and to learn my place in the world.  Upon reflection, the time I spent with Diane as her guest at Karanambu Lodge on the Rupununi River in the interior of Guyana, was like a scene from a movie – except I was living it!

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