Did You Plan for the Unexpected?

Life is fraught with the unexpected, so why leave your hard earned vacation dollars on the table? Travel insurance is not something we want to think about but we MUST.  Not only could you lose every dollar spent on your vacation, but take a look at these real life scenarios and ask yourself, “Am I prepared to lose….”

  • $36,000 for injuries a 22 year old suffered during a snowboarding accident in a different province from which they lived in Canada
  • $63,000 for hospital bills when a 67 year old suffered chest pains in California
  • $250,000 for a 43 year old and his partner to be air lifted home after one was injured in a car accident in Italy

If something unexpected were to happen during your trip, do you know who you would call for worldwide assistance or who would pay your hospital bills up front?

There are so many “what ifs” and no one can possibly plan for everything but you can certainly minimize the risks.  Not only are you protecting yourself but also your family. Say for instance, your child, who is not travelling with you suddenly gets ill and has to be hospitalized.  You would want to rush home to be with them. The horror stories abound!

Think your credit card has you covered?  Guess again! Check your specific credit card coverage at https://insureye.com/Canadian-Credit-Cards and look for restrictions.

Not all insurance is created equal. Some plans include 24/7 access to physicians who come to your hotel room instead of you having to waste precious vacation time sitting in an emergency room. Some insurances have a “cancel for ANY reason clause” and must be purchased at the time of booking.  The cost of insurance is much less compared to the financial loss you will be protected from if you have to interrupt or cancel your entire trip unexpectedly.

How do you know if you qualify for travel protection insurance? Contact a qualified travel professional who will assist you in finding the right plan for you. Knowing you have help while traveling, if the unexpected happens, is invaluable and provides you with peace of mind to enjoy your vacation.

From Anne’s column in Waypoints Global – an online magazine for adventurous affluent travelers seeking to discover the world on water … one waypoint at a time!  

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