Embracing Armchair Travel

It goes without saying that some of us have had a harder time than others giving up our passion for travel amidst all the uncertainty due to COVID-19.  What if I were to tell you – you don’t have to give up travel!  This blog is all about ways to keep your passion alive and to plan for the future. 

  • Bring out your international chef:  Look at the supplies you have in your kitchen and get
    creative with spices and sauces to add a foreign flavour – curry, oregano, hoisin, smoky BBQ, nutmeg.  Pizzas, tacos, pastas can all be adapted and are fun for the whole family. Maybe even try that exotic dish you’ve been wanting to make. 
  • Go down memory lane:  Do you have old photos, prints, digital media? This is a great time to go through and organize your albums, be it on your devices, computers or in my case – 4 boxes of prints. Maybe there is a way to display some of your favourite photos. Talk as a family or with a friend about the memories you have from past trips. What a great time to bond!

  • Listen to music: Every region has music that will take you to a foreign country. Listen to Spanish guitar music, Italian opera, Peruvian flutes, Caribbean Reggae, New Orleans jazz … the list goes on. 

  • Watch You Tube Videos: This can be quite impactful if you connect to a large screen TV. 
    Think of the places you can travel and the experiences open to you.  I actually took a nap one afternoon with a beach scene and the sounds of water lapping on the shore. 

  • Browse the Internet:  Tour operators and the media have websites loaded with beautiful pictures, itineraries and incentives for travel in the future. Use this time to plan your next trip for later in 2020, or into 2021 – 2022.  Maybe you have a special celebration or anniversary in the next few years.  It’s not too soon to start planning, perhaps make it a surprise.

  • Pick up a book: … or order online. Escape to a foreign destination, indulge in a romantic adventure, immerse in a suspenseful spy thriller or be whisked away in a comedy of circumstances – aka Bill Bryson!  

  • Watch a TV Documentary:  There are so many wonderful shows to stream
    or watch on TV which show you exotic places around the world, spectacular nature, architecture, and history.  I spent a weekend indulging in Monty Don’s Garden Shows about the history of Italian, French and 17C gardens. Treat yourself and go down the rabbit hole. FYI as a bonus, I found inspiration for my own garden.

  • Book a Future Trip: I’m already booking clients on future vacations with low or no risk change policies.  Pick up the phone and have a dialogue with your professional travel advisor.

. . . and most of all, dream and keep the conversation alive!

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  1. This is a great blog and excellent ideas to heed for everyone during this time. I’d like to add a few more ideas… time to do early spring cleaning and pack up old clothes and furniture for donations. And make sure to reach out to your neighbours and elderly to see if they need any assistance with shopping or chores. This is a great time to give back and pay it forward.

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