Journey of the Senses: Part 1 – Sound

Travel stirs the senses and makes us feel alive. For some, it can be intoxicating, inducing a heightened sense of euphoria which is often missing in our everyday lives.  We thought it would be fun to go back in time, remembering those joyous travel moments which have stayed indelibly etched in our memories. Perhaps you will take your own journey down memory lane as you read our 5 part series.

Maui, Hawaii:  The sound of the conch being blown by Kimo Kirkman, the officiant at Kirk’s and my wedding in Maui.  The long echoing sound could be heard far and wide, gathering onlookers down to the beach.  This ritual was part of our authentic Hawaiian wedding and signified the beginning of the ceremony … and the next chapter in our lives together.    

Parma, Italy: Standing in the candlelit courtyard of Verdi’s castle at a private event one summer, champagne in hand while the operatic music of Verdi reverberated off the stone walls … sent chills up my spine and transported me to another time.  

Arima, Trinidad: Waking up at the crack of dawn, in my little cottage at the Asa Wright Nature Centre to a cacophony of a thousand birds welcoming in the new day. It was as if I was in the cage and the birds were outside looking in. Very humbling.  

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands:  While sailing through the BVI’s with my brother, family and friends, we moored one evening in Virgin Gorda and went ashore. We found a little bar, which name escapes me, and it had a piano.  One of the fellows sailing with us was a musician.  He sat down at the piano and belted out one of the best versions of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline I’ve ever heard.  As we all stood around singing and dancing to this song, I looked over at my brother and my heart was full, to see him enjoying life.  This was the first time we’d travelled together as adults … and even to this day, I smile and do fist pumps every time I hear this song.  

Tuscany, Italy: On this particular trip to Italy, I was sourcing out new places for my groups to stay.  Our hosts Georgio and Laura welcomed us into their agritourismo (working farm) property in the hills of Tuscany. Exhausted from a long flight, my friend and I were eager to settle into our “rustic” accommodation.  While unpacking we heard a thundering noise which shook the ground. Not knowing what it was, we ran to the front verandah only to find Georgio’s prize horses racing around the paddock outside our cottage.  The power and force of the thundering hooves was just the beginning of our adventure living on a Tuscan farm.     

Now it’s your turn to sit back, close your eyes and recall the SOUNDS that stirred you during your travels over time. What a wonderful feeling to relive!  

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