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Our world has changed and so have we ...

Our greatest regrets are not the things we do, but rather the things we don’t.  Never again do we want to be caught in a place which makes us feel trapped or uninspired. 

Leisure Travellers seek our professional services to assist them in planning their next vacation. The complexity of travel in today’s world requires professional knowledge and guidance which helps ease the stress of the unknown.  Digital Nomads are planning long stays in destinations where they can live, work and play.  Vacation, rent or own … we are a one stop shop to help make it happen!   

Our worldwide network of prestigious suppliers are helping us curate exciting, rejuvenating and inspiring vacations for the coming years.  

Professional Travel Planning Fees  

Hibiscus International Ltd. is a licensed niche travel company supporting a team of professional travel advisors with 30+ years’ experience developing destination knowledge while building supplier relationships to better serve our clients.  In our unstable and ever-changing pandemic world today, traveller’s appreciate our professional guidance now more than ever.  

We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation exploring the “what, why, how, when and who” requirements, travel style and budget for your vacation. We analyze this information to offer proposals that meet your expectations. At the conclusion of the consultation, if we mutually agree to move forward; a professional travel planning fee is collected prior to researching and building itinerary options.   

Based on the complexity of the itinerary we will provide up to 3 options for review and discussion. Upon your selection of a final itinerary, we will make any requested adjustments and collect the required traveler information and deposits. This information will be used to re-confirm the pricing and availability with the airline, cruise line, resort, hotel, rail or tour operator. Once confirmed we will provide confirmations and additional payment instructions. Prior to travel we will furnish travel documents, vouchers, tickets and travel protection insurance confirmations. During travel we provide assistance should anything not meet your expectations.

Professional Travel Planning Package:  BEST VALUE
Requires a minimum fee of $250 for up to 7 travellers.  Included in the Planning fee: consultation, planning, cancellations, changes to bookings, refunds, and vacation management services. After hours fees and supplier change rates are not included in this package. 


Airline Reservation and Ticketing, Change, Cancellation/ Refund FeesInternational Business and First Class Airfares requires a minimum agency fee of $150 per each invoiced ticket change, cancellation/refund or travel credit.  All other Stand-Alone Class Airfares require a minimum agency fee of $50 per each invoiced ticket change, cancellation/refund or travel credit. 

Hotel Only, Land Vacations, Cruise Reservation, Change, Cancellation/Refund Fees
Requires a minimum agency fee of $75 per each invoiced ticket change, cancellation/refund/travel credit

Destination Engagements
Requires a minimum flat fee of $500 for travel including the special moment. 

Destination Elopements
Requires a minimum flat fee of $750 for the couple.  Additional $50 per person over and above the couple to a maximum of 4 guests

Destination Wedding Coordination
Requires a minimum flat fee of $2000 up to 20 guests. Additional $50 per person over 20 guests

After Hours Fees:  Our agents are working long, hard hours, especially during the pandemic to meet the needs of all our clients.  To best serve you, our team needs to be focused while at work and to have time to recharge after the stresses of a challenging week. For this reason, we set our normal business hours from 9 am – 5 pm EST Monday through Friday and are closed on weekends and for statutory holidays.  Should you need  a response outside of these hours, we charge a $25 per request fee.  Please feel free to reach out via email, phone, text, messaging, WhatsApp or other social media and let us know if you need a response after hours. 

Additional government taxes may apply. Travel suppliers have separate fees for changing or canceling a reservation apart from our agency’s fees. Please note, our booking, change, cancellation and refund fees are not penalties but are reflective of the work and time an agent must do on your behalf.   Most suppliers do not pay out agency commission until after a client has travelled and so our agents are continually working on your behalf, even during the pandemic. 

Professional Travel Planning Fees are Non-Refundable 


Hibiscus International is...

a fully licensed travel agency meeting the needs of discerning travellers.  We are also the home to the Real Estate Travel Academy, a membership based travel club and IFWIRE, International Forum for Women Investing in Real Estate.  Hibiscus International is a ONE STOP SHOP for all your travel needs.

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