Living Life at Silversands, Grenada

Grenada, known as “the spice island” of the Caribbean captures you with its sweet aroma of bougainvillea, hibiscus, mango, passion flower and the intoxicating aroma of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and bay leaves. Grand Anse Beach is home to one of my favourite refuges from life’s merry-go-round – the exclusive Silversands, a minimalist, luxury resort with nine privately owned villas.

One of our real estate cruise groups had the privilege of meeting the developer on a visit to Silversands several years ago while it was still under construction.  Now it’s an architecturally stunning hotel and residence which is a member of Leading Hotels of the World.  Silversands sits tucked unobtrusively on a prime spot on the two-mile pristine white sand of Grand Anse Beach.

The Silversands Spa pictured above, blends traditional therapeutics with locally inspired rituals.  It features four treatment rooms, a sauna, ice cave, hammam, experiential shower, hair and nail bar, and modern fitness centre – all built around a beautifully serene private pool exclusive to spa guests. As a former spa manager, even I found a few of these services intriguing so thought I’d share one of the explanations from their menu:  

Unique Psammotherapy Experience (Hot Sand Therapy) 

Initially used in Ancient Egypt for medical treatment to treat several ailments ranging from scoliosis to inflammatory diseases. The luxurious Quartz Sand bed elevates your spa experience and provides supreme comfort & mental and physical relaxation.

Multiple benefits of the sand therapy include: – Alleviates back pain – Increase blood & lymph circulation – Rebalance energy levels – Supply ultimate mental rest – Detox effects on the body – Inversion therapy and undulating massage component to gently knead the back and neck.

What else makes Silversands incredibly luxurious?   Privileged guests of are picked up at the airport in a Tesla. A rare bottle of Hennessy Cognac will set you back $69,000 or $6000 a shot. Nightly rates range from $800 to $16,000 USD depending on accommodation and taking high season into account.

Silversands may not be in this Digital Nomad’s immediate future but we can all certainly ascribe to their tagline: “Drink the wild air, because when we are free, is when we are living.”

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