Location! Location! Location!

Hibiscus International is an award winning full service travel company with over 35 years travel experience, living, breathing, eating and falling in love with diverse cultures. Our expansion 16 years ago into Real Estate Travel has been an exciting journey with Real Estate Agents and Investors from across North America. Now it’s time to grow again.

One of the pillars of real estate is Location! Location! Location!  So with modern technology and a creative spirit, we are launching our NEW series of VIRTUAL Interactive Real Estate Tours coming LIVE starting September 30th as we travel with you to the AMALFI COAST of Italy!

Our unique Virtual Tour experiences will take Real Estate Agents and Investors in-depth, exploring diverse regions and cultures around the world. We immerse you in a country on each of our Virtual Tour experiences, taking you to over 40 destinations throughout the coming year.  Experience standing on your terrace in Positano, a glass of Limoncello in hand, looking out at the blue azure of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Smell an authentic, homemade pizza being cooked in a wood fired oven in your open air kitchen. Hear the lapping of the soothing waves on the rock cliffs below while you watch visiting yachts from around the world sail into the bay you call home. Yes, you have ARRIVED on your Virtual Real Estate Tour!

You will meet local realtors and professionals who share, not only their insights into real estate investment and the process, but actually take you inside a sampling of properties to show you what money will buy in their region. Our agents on locale will share their tips on HOW to conduct business in their culture.  Never assume it’s the way you’ve been approaching global interactions in the past.  Each 3-hour Virtual Tour will take you INSIDE the culture so you can experience what it would be like if you were living there.  These are not passive presentations as we want you to feel that you’ve spent time in each destination, gaining insight and experiencing what each LOCATION has to offer.

NOW AS IF THIS IS NOT ENOUGH… prior to your Virtual Tour presentation day, you will receive a Virtual Trip Kit for the featured country.  The information packages have tips and suggestions to help you more fully, LIVE the Virtual Tour experience.  Information on what to wear when conducting business in each destination, language nuances, the importance of family, food and even the culture’s perception of time, all to help you familiarize yourself with each LOCATION.  What a refreshing way to learn!

AND THERE IS MORE …. We will follow up each Virtual Tour with an announcement of a REAL live tour to each destination when the world opens up safely for travel. Stay connected with us through our NEW GLOBAL REAL ESTATE COMMUNITY launching this month on our website at www.HibiscusInternational.com. More details will be released in the coming weeks. 

Life does not stop when we have a setback.  Even with everything that’s gone on this year, and all the changes we’ve had to endure, we can choose to stop living or we can choose to get up and get on with our lives. We have control over how we choose to conduct ourselves and how we will grow as individuals which in turn will grow our businesses. Let’s conquer those challenges together during our LIVE Virtual Tours.  Be a part of something BIGGER and BETTER than we could ever imagine on our own.  We are not doing this BECAUSE of what happened this year but IN SPITE of what happened. 


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