Traveling and exploring the world has always been a passion of Gene’s. He truly loves the thrill of the journey and the excitement of waking up in a new place he can call home for a few days. He enjoys immersing himself in local culture while exploring the “nooks and crannies” of a new city or country.

Before becoming a Travel Advisor, Gene traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada, working for a Fortune 100 company. While that may seem exciting on the surface, business travel brings a different level of challenge to the term “customer service”, which has taught Gene many lessons that he transfers to the strong customer-centric service he provides.

At the age of 16, Gene had the opportunity to travel to Belgium with his High School Concert Band. This was the foundation for a lifelong passion for travel, especially to Europe.  He has traveled throughout much of Europe many times and dreams of retiring to either Italy or Spain in his “Golden Years”. 

Gene has also traveled throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America, the Middle East, India and Asia.  His most recent journey to Asia was to Japan and he vows to be back soon to further explore that country and culture in more depth.

Gene’s passions are music, health and well-being.  He has been playing drums since he was 10 years old and plays in both a jazz and classic rock music groups. He’s an avid runner and triathlete and has competed in over 100 race events around the world.  Gene has a wonderful global network of friends and acquaintances to call on who provide him with healthy lifestyle guidance while traveling.

Gene feels strongly that the world is a small place and that the majority of people everywhere are by nature genuinely good and positive. This translates to his lust for life, travel and humanity and he often reminds himself of his favourite quote, one by Mark Twain: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”