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Educational travel has emerged as a powerful conduit for holistic learning experiences, captivating minds and hearts alike. Hibiscus International combines the thrill of travel with the enrichment of knowledge, to capture the imagination of adventurers and scholars across the globe. Learn in one of the world’s most dynamic settings, at Oxford University, where each summer history, culture, and science come alive beyond the confines of textbook learning.  Ignite your passion for lifelong learning, discovery and understanding by joining people from all around the world who seek not just to see the world, but to truly comprehend it through the transformative power of educational travel. Click on any of the red links below for more information. 

Make your summer unforgettable at “Inspiring Oxford”

Immerse yourself in a setting steeped in centuries of history as you unlock new knowledge and embark on a journey of personal enrichment.  With 40 exciting week-long courses to choose from, you will stay and study in historic Brasenose College, in the heart of Oxford, England.  All courses are pitched at an introductory level for non-specialists aged 18 to 80+ and no prior knowledge is required. You will study in small groups, of up to 16 participants, taught by highly experienced tutors.

Participants choose one course, which they study in detail with their tutor and seminar group. There are no exams. This is learning for the pure joy of learning.  Read Anne’s blog about her experience at Inspiring Oxford in summer 2023. 

Courses cater to a diverse range of interests including history, creative writing and literature, psychology, environmental studies, drama and theatre studies, law, history of art, international relations/development, sociology, film, and more.  Select a program date below which links to over 40 course offerings and read about the amazing tutors who make their specialty come alive.  Once you’re ready, click here to complete the Oxford University registration form directly on the Inspiring Oxford website.

Programme Dates:  Click on each week to see a complete list all the courses offered

Social programme

Inspiring Oxford warmly invites all participants take part in their social programme, with all events provided at no additional cost.

Optional social activities may include:

  • Welcome drinks reception
  • Chauffeured punting, leaving from Magdalen Bridge Boathouse
  • Walking tour of Oxford: choice of themed tour led by expert local guides
  • Choice of visiting a famous stately home or taking an afternoon mystery field trip
  • Private string quartet afternoon concert
  • Croquet evening
  • Theatre performance at the Oxford Castle
  • Invitation to join programme director and tutors on high table one evening
  • Farewell drinks reception, presentation of certificates and gala dinner

Now that you’re excited about a course and have booked your space on the Inspiring Oxford website, learn more about how Hibiscus International can surround the experience with professional travel arrangements, including accommodation pre/post, tours, flights, transfers and activities in the UK … or beyond. 

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an award-winning travel company with 48 years of experience, offering culturally rich and authentic tours and vacations for curious travellers who seek to explore the world and live life beyond the ordinary. We strive to deliver exceptional travel services in collaboration with local suppliers, educational institutions, foundations, and businesses to help foster an understanding of diverse cultures, promote empathy, and cultivate a global perspective.

Our full-service IATA-licensed travel agency works with individuals, groups, and organizations to deliver weekend getaways, memorable family and friends vacations, milestone celebrations, and off-the-beaten-path experiences around the globe. We prioritize building respectful long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, knowledge, and professional integrity.

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