Caribbean Real Estate Tourism

Explore new horizons . . . where every property tells a unique story

Real Estate Tourism is an innovative travel concept coined in 2005 when Hibiscus International combined the allure of exploration with the practicality of property investment. As an exciting niche within the broader travel industry, Real Estate Tourism caters to individuals, groups and organizations seeking memorable vacation experiences while exploring potential real estate investments.  Our unique blend of travel and real estate, allows potential investors to immerse themselves in the culture, lifestyle, and local attractions of various destinations while gaining valuable insights into the local real estate market.  

Hibiscus International provides personalized travel services, networking events and immersive activities for groups and individuals in 30+ countries in the Caribbean region.

Our Local Experts:  Meet with real estate, financial and legal professionals who are ambassadors of their country. With a deep understanding of the local market and a passion for showcasing the best, they are your guides on this journey to discovering what money can truly bring to life in each destination.  Embark on a journey that seamlessly intertwines leisure and investment, opening doors to new horizons and possibilities.   

Hibiscus International is...

an award-winning travel company with 38 years of experience, offering culturally rich and authentic tours and vacations for curious travellers who seek to explore the world and live life beyond the ordinary. We strive to deliver exceptional travel services in collaboration with local suppliers, educational institutions, foundations, and businesses to help foster an understanding of diverse cultures, promote empathy, and cultivate a global perspective.

Our full-service IATA-licensed travel agency works with individuals, groups, and organizations to deliver weekend getaways, memorable family and friends vacations, milestone celebrations, and off-the-beaten-path experiences around the globe. We prioritize building respectful long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, knowledge, and professional integrity.