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Hibiscus Tours International Ltd. is an award-winning travel company whose mission is backed by 35 years of best practices honouring cultural diversity.  We work in collaboration with our clients to curate dream vacations; participate in global events; and explore real estate investment in stunning locations around the world.   

Anne Brobyn

Hello, I’m Anne Brobyn 

I’m pleased to welcome you to Hibiscus International, the premier leader in Real Estate Travel.  Join us to experience the culture and lifestyles of countless destinations abroad … wherever your passion, curiosity and business interests lead you.  Our award winning small group tours will take you on enriching travels with like-minded people ready to take the next step to living a life without borders.  

Ready to venture abroad and explore the world of International real estate? 

Tap into our rich destination expertise, our knowledge of world cultures and our vast network of professional contacts to curate the real estate travel adventure of your dreams.  CONTACT US NOW

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