Cap Maison – Sleep Retreat

Cap Maison is an award winning boutique villa resort located in Cap Estates, an exclusive area in northern St. Lucia. We often visit this Spanish Caribbean inspired property on our Real Estate missions to view the beautiful villas which sometimes come up for sale. Now we have another reason to visit – announcing their new SLEEP RETREAT!

Improving sleep is the biggest health challenge for many adults who list sleeping better as their biggest health ambition over the next year.  Cap Maison has addressed this concerning issue and assembled a team of experts and practitioners to provide a variety of services to help guests unwind and learn the art of getting the perfect night’s sleep.

Sleep Retreat guests are accommodated in rooms where the only sounds are of the waves, tropical birds and the gentle call of the indigenous tree frogs. Key to any sleep retreat is a good bed, and the hotel’s US King-sized beds get rave reviews from guests. Participants in the programme are encouraged to switch off their phones and devices for a true digital detox and to help the sleep process.

Services provided by the hotel include:

One-to-one session with a ‘sleep expert’ – guests are coached by a sleep expert and can get personalized tips on how to get a better night’s sleep.  They then have their sleep monitored and analyzed during their stay with a Fitbit that is provided.

Breathing Workshop – in the morning or at sunset, guests can learn to use their breathing to exfoliate the toxins from the body and improve relaxation.

Sleep-Friendly Pillow Scents – guests are given a choice of fragrance on their pillow.

Meditation – led by an expert with breathing techniques to calm the mind.

Personalized Menu –a personalized menu full of healthy choices based around ingredients known to help sleep is devised, and if required, intermittent fasting may be recommended.

Reiki Healing – a Japanese technique said to cure insomnia and used for stress reduction to help sleep and encourage ‘natural healing’ of the body.

Aromatherapy Massage – a treatment based around essential oils that naturally promote sleep, such as lavender or chamomile.

Evening Reflexology Session – a non-invasive treatment, this involves working on certain acupressure points to encourage a deeper state of relaxation and sleep.

The hotel also offers optional nature-based activities to tire the body and sooth the mind:

Atlantic Coast Hiking and Running: A run or hike along the wilder Atlantic side of the island, where the waves crash against the empty shore, provides a fantastic release of energy in beautiful surroundings and prepares the mind well for good sleep.

Hiking the Pitons: St Lucia’s two volcanic mountains, The Pitons, stand 2,619 feet above sea level and hiking to the top gives unbeatable views over the island and the Caribbean Sea.

Botanical Gardens Visit: Guests can enjoy the beauty and natural warmth of the tropics by walking among the lush fertile vegetation and discover the diverse range of tropical flowers and plant life in this part of the Caribbean.

Personally as someone who frequently has insomnia, I have searched for answers for many years. And yes, I have tried every one of these strategies, however never all of them together at one time. Add on an amazing vacation in St. Lucia and I’m beginning to think this is something I must seriously consider.  Insomniacs of the world …. Let’s meet in St. Lucia!   

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